Animal Chemotherapy Research
Animal Chemotherapy Research
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Consequently, we would like to invite you to speak with the President of the Institute, Mr David Gould, and the Member of the Medical Board of the Institute, Dr Joseph Impellizeri, to gain a more detailed understanding of the critically important work we are doing.
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Thank you for connecting with our web site. We are very appreciative of your interest in the important research work of Animal Chemotherapy Research.

There are several ways you can help.....
Our hope is, with a better understanding or our work, perhaps you would be willing to help us in a number of different ways to further our goals. The fact is, we simply cannot succeed without help from people who truly care and understand the importance of finding effective alternatives to Chemotherapy.

Please email us if you would like to accept our invitation, and provide us with the best phone number and time to call.

Dr Joseph Impellizeri

We will then schedule the call. In the end, we are determined to make
Safe Animal Chemo.

With Sincere Thanks,
David Gould, President

Animal Chemotherapy Research